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North Management provides a caretaker service for many of the larger inner city residential and commercial properties which incorporates cleaning, gardening maintenance supervision and a 24 hour call out service.

General Duties

  • 24 hour mobile phone monitoring – call out service. Respond to legitimate common property matters of the building, taking into consideration the time of day and the urgency of the matter.
  • Hold and maintain a register all building keys and fobs. Supply these to authorised owners, tenants and sub-contractors as required.
  • Assist the Body Corporate manager in maintaining a catalogue all building plans, manuals and other relevant records.
  • Maintain all building timers for lighting, pumps, pools and alarm systems.
  • Monitor rubbish removal and liaise with rubbish contractor as needed.
  • Enforce the building house rules and by-laws. Refer serious violations to the body corporate manager and the committee.
  • Carry out common area cleaning as per the schedule.
  • Carry out minor maintenance and maintain a small inventory of spare parts.
  • Report major maintenance issues to the body corporate manager on an as need basis.

Daily Duties

  • Visit the property at least 5 days in any seven period, inspect and clean all public common areas, including the car park, pool, gym, lifts, garbage area, gardens and entertainment rooms if applicable.
  • Collect all rubbish and empty any common bins including cigarette butts.
  • Clean sweep/vacuum and mop all floors as needed.
  • Spot clean entrance doors and glass.

Weekly Duties

  • Inspect fire stairs clean if necessary and remove any obstructions.
  • Gardens and Lawns weed and mow as needed.

Monthly Tasks

  • Car parks sweep or hose.