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North Management – Chairperson of the Year Award


Sterling Management Services first created its “Chairperson of the Year Award” in 2012. The philosophy behind the award was Sterling’s core commitment to; “Assist The Chairperson by providing the best possible resources for him/her to do their job and to recognise the Chairperson’s for their efforts.”

North Management plans to reinstate the Chairperson of the Year Award under its new brand name. This award demonstrates our company’s commitment to our body corporate’s members that we are serious about supporting their chairpersons and the committee’s. The award was won in 2012 by Leigh Eldridge who has been the chairman of the Bayview Management Corporation for over ten years and has worked with Sterling Management Services to building a well-run and financially sound Residential Marina Management Corporation.


Chairperson of the Year Cup


The 2013 winner was Peter Hawke the chairman of the Sky Tower apartment building. His enthusiasm and commitment to the good management of this high end residential apartment complex was recognised at an event attended by his peers, other inner city high rise body corporate chairpersons and their committee members. In 2014 Sterling Award winner was Michael (Mick) Caldwell the chairperson for both the Wharf 1 Principal and the Wharf 1 Residential Body Corporates. Mick’s dedication and hard work in chairing a complex and challenging property deserved to be recognised.

To complement and enhance our services to our members the Chairman of the Year Award is intended to promote the concept of harmony and community within our various strata properties. The objective is to elevate the status of body corporate chairpersons so their members can appreciate the effort put into working with North Management to provide the highest possible level of service. The Chairpersons Award, and North Caretaking Service is our commitment to prompt and effective service to our members all working in unison to maximize our member’s quality of life and to minimise and resolve and disruption at their property.